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Green Trolleys in Polyethylene
Boxroller with door and perforated blue trolleys
Plastic circular container
Vulcanized Fibre Can

Vulcanized Fibre can

Trolley with mobile plate


Colored plastics


Resistant plastic


Boxroller®, roller box, roll box, plastic containers, trolley carts, laundry trolleys, cleaning trolleys, dust mats trolleys, containers, laundry carts, sliver cans, silver cans, spinning cans,that’s the production of Dante Bertoni Srl Company, present in the Material Handling market since for more than 80 years.
Together with the cylindrical and rectangular containers, TRUE VULCANIZED FIBER characterized the first products, and lead to a new generation of products and trolleys utilizing Polyethylene / Steel / Aluminium which now represents 90% of the present production suited to a variety fields and industries, in particular:
Always diligent to the new developments and ready for the challenges of the worldwide market, Dante Bertoni Srl has it's products utilized in 46 different countries, where ever material handling is requested.

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