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What are cookies?
Cookies are text files sent from the sites visited in the browser of the web client, storing the data and preferences of the visit, for example, the data and information of navigation, preferred language and other settings. This can facilitate return visits by increasing the utility of the site for the web client, contain no personal data.

What cookie do?
Cookies are automatically accepted by the browser, but is possible change this setting in the browser to erase cookies or prevent automatic acceptance. The web client is given the option of denying the use of cookies, thereby limiting the use of personalized services, for example: store the preferences for SafeSearch, for the counting of visitors on a page, monitoring of the sessions, store preferences, store configuration settings from the web client that access the server, etc.

What are technical cookie?
Technical cookies are installed by the owner operator of the website and there are used for the proper operation of some areas of the site. They serve to ensure a normal browsing, or to provide a service requested by the user (example: making a purchase, access to restricted areas, etc.).
Analytics cookies are used in conjunction with technical cookies to acquire information about the amount of users who visit the site and their behavior within it.

How to disable cookies
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Please note that, by disabling cookies, these settings messages will be applied to all websites.

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