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Vulcanized Fibre comes from pure first quality COTTON cellulose (not wood pulp), processed (vulcanized) by zinc chloride (residual < 6 p.p.m.), with extremely interesting mechanical characteristics, machinable antistatic by definition, diamagnetic, electric insulator, following the rules DIN 7737 (Japan JIS C2315).

Non-toxic and inert, Vulcanized Fibre is dangerous emissions free, even if burned or inhaled (powder) being 100% cotton, so completely ecological and eco-friendly on waste disposal. Suitable for different applications and fields, Vulcanized Fibre is used as slot insulator on electric motors, for mechanical and insulating supports, washers and mechanical sleeves, self-lubricating sliding guides, silent gears and for explosive or fiammable environments, special gasket even for steam, tablets for jacquard harness on textile, knives, etc.

Very resistant to heavy rubbing, becoming polished by friction, Vulcanized Fibre allows easy sliding of friction parts. Workable like a metal, is right for cutting, punching, drilling, milling and stretch-forming by steam. Very stable dimensionally, Vulcanized Fibre is not attached oil, grease and acids, being hygroscopic material, therefore is deformable in water.

Vulcanized Fibre Coils


abrasive backings

Toughness, high tear strnght, excellent internal ply adhesion, high temperature resistance of vulcanized fibre abrasive quality can provide firm flexible backing for abrasive disc.
Vulcanized fibre can be supplied in trimmed or untrimmed rolls or cut-to-size sheets as required by the customer.
Maximum trimmed roll width: 1,350 mm (53.1")
Maximum roll diameter: up to 1,070 mm (42.1")
Grade & Thickness: Standard thickness * mm
GBR(olive/ chocolate brown) 0.5 0.8 1.0

Physical properties (Abrasive grade GBR O.8)

Thickness Tolerance Density Tensile strenght Ply adhesion
(mm) (inches) (mm) (inches) (g/cm3) (kgf/15 mm) CD (kgf/25 mm)
0.8 (0.31) 0.74 ~ 0.0.29 ~
0.86    0.034
1.2 =< 70 =< 2.7 =<

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