• Textile Exhibitions
  • Ergonomic polyethylene containers
  • Vulcanized Fibre, laminates composed only of cotton cellulose



Wheels guaranted anticlogging.

Cod 10-01

Special castors patented by Dante Bertoni Srl, suitable for use in textile industries, as its main characteristic is not to collect different types of scrap from the floor. Consequently, they do not require periodic cleaning and maintenance.

Dimensions:  Everclean® Baby         diam. mm. 60 x 90 h.
                   Everclean® Standard   diam. mm. 66 x 100 h.
                   Everclean® Jumbo      diam. mm. 85 x 120 h.

Castors VLK Blue Line DANTBERT

Cod 10-02

Castors "VLK Blue Line DANTBERT" - Nylon-Polyurethane. Supplied on request with fixed, swivel or swivel with bracket supports. Galvanized steel base, available also in version with AISI 304 stainless steel support. A right compromise between hardness and wear resistance, suitable for professional use in various industrial environments for the internal handling of materials through trolleys, containers, platforms, etc.

Dimensions:  dia. mm Ø80x110h;   dia. mm Ø100x130;   dia. mm Ø125x158h;   dia. mm Ø150x181h

Wheels with rubber coating no tracking

Cod 10-03

Castors with covered with gray rubber, supplied with the following supports: fix (1), swivel (2) and swivel with brake (3).
This type of wheels is used in many areas: their use is more in the structures where noise and tracking of the floor are to be avoided (es: hospital, retirement homes, office, etc). Their particular composition makes these wheels suitable for use inside and outside the various structures.

Dimensions:  dia. mm Ø100x130;   dia. mm Ø125x158h;   dia. mm Ø150x181h

Mobile plate with pantograph system for cylindrical containers

Cod 10-04

Triangular pantograph with lifting system for cans, produced with the spring load on customer's request, suitable for the different types of materials that are introduced inside the cans.


Cod 10-04 A

Movable base with pantograph system for square and rectangular trolleys, completely independent of the trolley structure. Made with particular care to its perfect horizontality regardless of the positioning of the material.

Profilo para colpi
Color Yellow Fluo Color Fuxia Fluo Color Green Color Orange Fluo Color Light Blue Color Dark Blu

Cod 10-05

Extruded PVC gasket made to measure on the various sizes of trolleys, cans, boxes and containers. Its main function is to absorb all the shocks that normally undergo the container during the handling phase. Alternatively, it is used as an identifying element to distinguish the various contents inside the containers or their using department.

Color: Yellow Fluo, Fuxia Fluo, Green, Orange Fluo, Light Blue and Dark Blue

Tilting handles for cans and trolleys

Cod 10-06

Tilting handle, with single handle, for trolleys, vases and containers towing. Made of high density polyethylene

Color: natural

Hole handles for cans and trolleys

Cod 10-06 A

Hole handles applied to the containers, trolleys and cans at customer's request.